May 21, 2022
Prime Rate

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The Time to Refinance Your Commercial Loan is Now

If you’re on the fence about refinancing, now is the time. After months of discussing the risks of raising interest rates too quickly, the Federal Reserve is changing course and suggesting that it will raise rates sooner than anticipated in response to surging inflation and falling unemployment rates. See the WSJ article below.  We’ll be following next week’s Fed meeting on 12/14-12/15, but “projections are likely to show most of them expect more than one quarter-percentage-point increase next year.” Please reach out to see if we can help you lock in an attractive interest rate—before rates go up.High Inflation, Falling Unemployment Prompted Powell’s Fed Pivot...

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Financing Follows As Market Enjoys a Rapid Rebound

As seen the the CREJ Retail Properties QuarterlyThe strong economic rebound over the summer triggered a rapid recovery in retail investor demand, and this momentum is expected to continue well into next year. Tenants’ sales increased, delinquencies are down, and the majority of landlords are back to pre-pandemic collections. Although headwinds remain with supply chain issues and labor shortages, strong consumer demand is forecast to continue and strengthen in 2022. While some rents are being reset, the majority of recent retail loans we’ve closed indicate pre-pandemic rents are holding or increasing. Retail development historically has been tempered compared to...

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A 2021 Recap of Lending & What to Expect in 2022

Multifamily, to no one’s surprise, continues to be one of the most desired product types in the Denver market and across the country. At roughly $5.9 billion, according to Real Capital Analytics, 2021 multifamily transaction volume year to date already has surpassed the past three years and potentially will set an all-time record. Fundamentals have come back in a tremendous way since the stagnation of the market caused by COVID-19, leading to alltime low cap rates and even more competitive transaction processes.As it continues to be a darling for investors, it is also a darling for insurance company lenders. Insurance companies always have been a strong lending source for mult...

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Office Is the New Alternative Asset Class for Lenders

Featured in the Colorado Real Estate Journal's Office & Industrial QuarterlyThe delta variant has proven to be a major curveball for office tenants who optimistically planned for a post-Labor Day return to the office. While some companies have stayed the course and welcomed employees back to their cubicles, others have prolonged their work-from-home policies indefinitely. For now, a hybrid plan is keeping the office market in limbo. Investors and lenders remain hesitant on the asset class as a whole, so much so that office is the new alternative asset product. With capital flooding the market, lenders have flocked to COVID-19-era darlings, industrial and multi...

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